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Muskus Update September/October 2019

by church office

Dear Friends, Summer has ended and most people are already prepared to return to work and to their studies. Somehow, it will not be like that for us at our home with Joel and Elis. They have now finished their studies, and hopefully the right doors will open for their future. Pray for those opportunities […]

Martinez and Immacula Jovin July 2019

by church office

April   The Lord has blessed both the Cabaret and Jacmel churches with Pastors who are trained and ordained. Pray that God would put a hedge around them and their families. Their church in Port- au- Prince, together with another church, engaged in door to door visiting one Saturday. The school in Ka-Thoman now has […]

Muskus Update July 2019

by church office

Valencia July-August 2019 Dear Friends,   Thank you for remembering us in prayer! As the years pass, the reality remains that our dependence is upon the Lord, so we give you thanks for being partners in this work knowing that God is in control. July and August represent holidays and rest here in Spain, so […]

Muskus May 2019

by church office

  Valencia May-June 2019 Dear Friends,   Today another attempt to disrupt the peace in Venezuela was put in motion. I am writing about this because I am really concerned. Please, pray that the efforts to bring dialogue and concord between the government and the opposition will succeed. This story is far too long to […]

Martinez & Immacula Jovin January and February 2019

by church office

 Martinez asked for prayer for the Cabaret church as they ordained 4 men to the ministry in January. The associate Pastor in the Marbial church was due to be married in March and they are planning to ordain him in April.  The staff in the girls home needed extra training and for a while there […]

Muskus Update March 2019

by church office

Valencia March-April 2019   Dear Friends,   March belongs to the Fallas Fiestas. Here in Valencia from 1st-19th March the city becomes literally “the centre of the universe”, so they say. The usual 950,000 inhabitants of Valencia make room for some 2 million people visiting in the crucial days 15th-19th. It is nearly impossible to […]

Emmanuel & Esther Durand Update Feb 2019

by church office

Our God is in the heavens; he does all that he pleases. Psalm 115: 3 Cognin, February 2019 Church life has ups and downs. Last summer, we mourned the death of one of our elders. He was 59. In December, we rejoiced with a young couple from our church who got married a few days […]

Muskus Update January 2019

by church office

Valencia January-February 2019 Dear Friends, The new calendar year has arrived and the social networks are flying with clever videos and elaborated messages welcoming 2019. In real terms it is just like the first day´s account in Genesis 1:3 “…And there was evening and there was morning, the first day”, and ever since it has […]

Martinez & Immacula Jovin December 2018

by church office

September. They had a good number of students enrolled in the schools for this next year. They would value prayer for the Pastors and leaders of the churches. They request prayer for Haiti as things are difficult but they know that God is in control. November. The first week of November they had a conference […]

Mary Jones reaches Cameroon

by admin

From Paul Tench’s Cameroon diary 2018. Friday 9 February, staying with Ebenezer and Florence Fokam in the Meta town of Mbengwi. Introduced to Mercy Anne Nduku, who will be accompanying us to Bessi-Fomukong. She is the Regional Director of the Bible Society of Cameroon (Bamenda), for NorthWest/West. First of all, we had to pick up three benches for the […]