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Muskus Update July 2018

by church office

Valencia July-August 2018 Dear Friends, Summer has arrived with a clear sign that we face a hot season reaching already the 33ºC mark on the first week of July. Although we are somehow accustomed to these temperatures still it is a shock. Last couple of weeks Valencia was on the European political map as the […]

Muskus Update May 2018

by church office

Valencia May-June 2018 Dear Friends,   Six weeks ago we began on Tuesdays a series of studies on an overall understanding of the Bible. It has been really challenging and the congregation has appreciated covering (so far) the whole Old Testament. Next week we will start studying the New Testament and we value your prayers. […]

Martinez and Immacula Jovin March 2018

by church office

January Martinez had internet problems in January so there was little news. But Daniel Jovin requests prayer for his parents health; the Pastors, leaders, Sunday school teachers and school teachers; the new leadership. February . They had a young peoples retreat in February when 230 attended. They had a great time with them and the […]

Martinez and Immacula Jovin Nov 2017

by church office

September 2017 Hurricane Irma did not hit Haiti badly and for this we praise the Lord. At the time Martinez and Emma were in Toronto for a meeting regarding the girls home but he did not give any details.   October 2017 They had a OEBB [ the Bethesda churches]  board meeting on Saturday October […]

Muskus Update March – April 2018

by church office

Valencia March-April 2018 Dear Friends, After the inspiring beginning this year in which we sought the Lord daily as a Church, we are now seeing a hunger for the Lord in a personal way and as a community. Those 21 days marked a commitment towards a renewed prayer life and a delight in studying the […]

Durands newsletter January 2018

by church office

Emmanuel and Esther Newsletter Chambéry, January 2018 Dear friends You may have heard that huge amounts of snow fell on the Northern Alps in the first week of January. Over 2 meters of snow fell in less than 48 hours. That’s 6 ft 6 in. Some of you got in touch, asking how we coped. […]

Muskus Update January 2018

by church office

Dear Friends, Download Prayer Letter We are beginning 2018 sharing devotionals as a church together for the first 21 days, and hopefully on day 20 (Saturday) we will end up with a 24 hours prayer time. It is a challenge to the community to be at church by 6:30am to pray together those days and […]

Muskus Update November 2017

by church office

Valencia November-December 2017   Dear Friends, We are entering the last two months of the year completing a long standing project which began in 2015, and has continued until 2017. As a community we set in motion a 3 year vision to bond us deeply in our commitment to the Lord and His Gospel. During […]