Martinez and Immacula Jovin

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Martinez & Immacula Jovin October 2016

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October. 2016  Hurricane Matthew badly hit the South of Haiti. Martinez has given us a little information: Marbial, Jacmel and Port- au- Prince — 3 houses destroyed. Ka-Thoman — the roofs of  8 houses were destroyed. Port-au-Prince — the roofs of 3 houses destroyed. Degan in the West —- 2 houses destroyed. They need much […]

Jovins update June 2016

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June 2016. Martinez and Emma received their immigration papers and returned to Haiti June 17. The Bethesda Convention will start on July 21-24th, God willing. People from all the churches will be attending. Martinez asks for prayer for the brothers and sisters who will be travelling by vehicle. The Bible text is 1 Kings 18 […]

Rev Martinez and Immacula Jovin 2016

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2016 The church building in Marbial was dedicated on January 17th. This was the 40th anniversary of the church. It was a time of great encouragement for them all. Prior to the dedication they held a week`s conference based on 2 Chronicles 7 v1-16 especially v 14.

Rev Martinez and Immacula Jovin 2015

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2015 Construction started on the church building at Marbial and the school at Ka-Thoman. The nurse at the Marbial clinic is doing a good work. A young people`s retreat was held in February during the time of the Mardi Gras festivities. 143 young people attended. 2 of the young people became Christians. The school children […]

Rev Martinez and Immacula Jovin 2014

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2014 There was a church conference in Marbial and Cazale in January. A new Pastor was appointed in the church at Cabaret. There were also new converts in the church at Ka-Thoman. Emma`s brother, Pastor Edzer Ledain, came from Toronto with a medical team. At a conference for school children in June 87 children made […]

Martinez update February 2014

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Thank you so much for all your concern and prayer. We were in Marbial to day to visit the leaders, the school and the boys’ home. We just got back home. The boys are doing fine but we still need a couple as home parent for the boy’s home. We have received the money and we will buy this […]

Martinez Update January 2014

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12 and 15 January 2014 We were in Marbial since yesterday and we just get back. We were preaching on Acts chapter 4 V1 to 31. The disciples had a cause to defend, the resurrection of the dead and as men will be raised from the dead they will inevitably face judgement but there is Salvation in […]

Update from Haiti – December 2013

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Emails from Martinez Jovin   25 November and 3 December 2013   Glad to hear from you and we praise God for the good news for the boys in Marbial*. We can not tell you too much about the way the money will be spent as of to day but we will get back to […]

Update from Haiti

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17 November 2013 (A summary of news compiled by Howard Lloyd.) The government in Haiti has proved very disappointing in its failure to improve life there, resulting in riots in the capital again. Immacula has had good results from her oncologists and can stop taking tablets she has endured for 5 years. Martinez has been […]

Update from Haiti – November 2013

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10 November 2013 Greetings from us all in Haiti. Today was Harvest Sunday at the Delmas church. We have had a great week of preaching, and at the service this morning the children from the Delmas girls’ home and the children from the Cabaret church sang – it was great, and we praise God for […]