September 2017

Hurricane Irma did not hit Haiti badly and for this we praise the Lord. At the time Martinez and Emma were in Toronto for a meeting regarding the girls home but he did not give any details.


October 2017

They had a OEBB [ the Bethesda churches]  board meeting on Saturday October 21 2017 and they praise God that He gave them new members. The new board will be in place on January 6th 2018 when they have their Marbial conference. The board members are

Rev. Daniel Jovin  President or Coordinator

Madame Emma Jovin  Vice President or Assistant Coodinator

Martinez is taking a little time off but Emma is there to help if needed and Daniel will go to Haiti every three months for administration purposes.


November 2017

The first week in November they sent a mission team from the Delmas and Marbial churches to the Ka-Thoman community church. As you know this is a voodoo community. God sent them to this area a few years ago and they try to keep in close contact with the church and the community. The first weekend in November was a voodoo festival in Haiti.

The mission was a great encouragement for the church even though no people came to Christ.

The week beginning November 12th they had a conference at the Delmas church Port-au- Prince and the following weekend they held a conference at Lamandier church.

There was some shooting in some areas so Martinez asked for prayer for the believers as they attend church. He said that God knows their need and He is able.

Martinez often mentions that they need much prayer but also assures us that they are praying for us too.

Truly God is Good.