They had a good number of students enrolled in the schools for this next year.
They would value prayer for the Pastors and leaders of the churches.
They request prayer for Haiti as things are difficult but they know that God is in control.
The first week of November they had a conference in Ka-Thoman. Leaders from the Delmas and Marbial churches spent 6 days there. It was a great encouragement to the people as many re dedicated their lives to Christ and the team visited many homes in the community.
There was unrest in the country. There is information on the website of the New York Times. Pastors and church leaders met for prayer to ask God for His direction and guidance.They ask that God will have mercy on their country.
The ministry in Jacmel is moving forward for which they praise God. Prayer is requested for 8 couples who live together and have children but are not married.They are planning to get them married January 2019 during the Marbial conference.
They also ask for prayer for the girls in the orphanage as they are growing up and they need to learn a trade before they leave.
The political situation has improved but the church leaders are still praying and they ask that we would join them in prayer for their country and for them and their people.The people are in need because of the political unrest and turmoil in the country.
But as always Martinez says that God is good.
Martinez and Emma have had quite a few medical appointments over the last three months. Pray for good health and the Lord`s strength for the work.