Praise God for a good conference over Easter weekend. Pray for the leaders of the Bethesda Mission and all the people. Prayer was also requested for the girls in the Girls Home as many are sick.

Praise God that is raining in Haiti as this will help the farmers. 


School classes resumed early March and they asked prayer for the parents, teachers and students.

Praise God that the churches in the Bethesda are growing and also the schools.

They requested prayer for the family of Pastor Ducoste. He was the associate Pastor of the church in Caberat. He went to Florida for health treatment but died in hospital.

Martinez also asked for prayer for the new government in Haiti. 


They had a good retreat for over 150 young people and children in Delmas.

The road to Ka-Thoman was completed. 


Martinez and Emma were able to spend Christmas in Toronto with their sons and families. They were thankful to God for a good conference in Marbial in early January when they studied Nehemiah 8.  They asked for prayer for a recently appointed Pastor in Fond-Blanc church.

They requested prayer as they were working on the road to Ka-Thoman church to make it more accessible. One member of the Haitian Government lent them a bulldozer or tractor to help in the work.