May 2017  

The girls in the Girls Home are growing. They are buying 2 sewing machines and 1 stove to teach them sewing and baking. They are planning to teach them music also.Two sewing machines will be bought for the boys in the Jacmel Home. They will also teach them farming; raising chickens, pigs and goats. They are thankful to the Lord that they have the money for these projects.They need much prayer as one of the housemothers has had a stroke and one has broken her arm. At the time of writing they are both better. 


Martinez informed us that the student who went to Mandeville Bible School in Jamaica is working with the Bethesda Mission church in Jacmel.There is a Pastor in the Cabaret church and one in the Fond Blanc church and he will be in charge of the Leaders Seminar for the churches.The Pastor in the church at Lavoute is the headmaster of the government secondary school in that community.There are two Pastors in the church at Port-au-Prince. One of them is the director of the OEBB Bible School in Port-au-Prince and he is the accountant for OEBB finance department. Daniel Jovin is working with them as a consultant.Martinez writes that they need much prayer. 


They had a school conference early July in Ka-Thoman school and 8 children became Christians.At the Marbial school conference 4 young people became Christians. 

The Bethesda Annual Conference was held July 27- 30th. The Bible text was from 2Kings 6 v17  Lord open their eyes. The conference went well. 450 people attended, with members from 7 churches, 4 schools and girls and boys homes.  22 people were baptised. The Word was clearly preached and they were blessed and had great fellowship together.

They ask that we remember their young people in prayer. The Boys and Girls Brigade have their retreat in August. 

God is good.