Martinez asked for prayer for the young people and leaders of the church in Cabaret, for the ministry in Ka-Thoman and the OEBB Bible School.
While Martinez was at the Fond-Blanc church a 16 year old girl was freed from demon possession.
A team went to Fond-Blanc for door to door evangelism. Before they returned home they held a prayer meeting from 5 am to noon.
Much prayer is needed for the Cabaret church as the Pastor was dividing the church. Martinez was going every Sunday to support the people.
Praise God for His goodness to the Marbial community school. During their school conference 107 students confessed Christ as Saviour.
In early July there was some civil unrest on the streets of Port-au-Prince but they were all fine.
There was a conference at Ka-Thoman and 3 young people confessed Christ as Saviour.
There was a young peoples retreat. Those who used to attend the retreats many years ago travelled to Haiti to be present this year. Many of them are Pastors overseas.
The convention for all the Bethesda churches was held this month and Daniel Jovin attended to support the leadership.
There are camps this month for boys and girls and some from the Cabaret and Delmas will be attending.
As always  Martinez says that God is good.