Friday Night Live is held in the church hall on a Friday night (during school term) and is an activity club for young people in school years 7-13. It provides a place where our teenagers can come and enjoy each others’ company, play sports, games and do various activities in a non-threatening, Christian environment.

There is a Gospel talk part way through the evening and our young people are encouraged to bring friends along as it provides a good introduction to the Christian faith. Although we have about 40-45 attendees in total, a usual night will see about 35 young people coming along as study pressures mean some can’t make it every week.

It is lovely to see how well they get along and how inclusive they are of new people who come. They all listen well to the talk and we know and praise God that some are saved. We desire your prayers for those that are saved, that they would be given strength to stand where God has placed them as well as prayer for those who are not saved yet.

Those in the upper end of the age group may be looking to go on to university, possibly moving away where they could be enticed by what the world has to offer, so please pray that they would be saved.

We would also covet prayer for all those who deliver the Gospel talks. We have a mix of officers and guest speakers who come and would ask that you remember them and pray that the Spirit would give them the words to say and the young people hearts ready to receive. As leaders and officers, please pray that we would show through our lives the love of God and that we would have a right heart for the work.

If you know of any 11 to 18 year olds who don’t come to any of the youth meetings, please encourage them to come along. Or maybe you feel led to become involved in the youth work or to give a talk, don’t wait to be asked, please speak to one of the club leaders or church elders.


James Cross/Andy Jones