If you are coming here as a first year student, it can be a frightening and sometimes lonely experience coming to university and leaving home for the first time. Everything is new and unfamiliar, and it can often be difficult to feel settled and comfortable.  If you come as an international student, it might be even more difficult, and so we have a special page for you.

We’d like to do all we can to make you feel more at home. Finding a church where you can worship God and be part of a family of His people is a really important first step to take, and we’d be more than happy to help you.

As a student, there will be meetings and activities in our church geared especially towards you. But you are also part of the congregation as a whole, and whatever we offer them, we offer you, too.

The main church meetings are for you, so come along to our Sunday Services and mid-week meetings (see below for details).

There is plenty you can do to get involved in the church’s work, too. If you are a Christian, we would love to have your help in activities and meetings such as the children’s work, international students’ work, or simply serving teas and coffees.

Just let us know that you are interested in getting involved, and we can find the best places for you to use your gifts and abilities.

This page contains information about meetings and events that you may be interested in, so keep an eye out for updates, and if there’s anything you’d like to know or ask, there are contact details (right) of people you can speak to.

For the latest events and updates, visit our Facebook page.

Main Church Meetings

  • Sunday Morning Service – 10.45am
  • Sunday Evening Service – 6.00pm
  • Bible Study – Monday, 7.30pm
  • Prayer Meeting – Wednesday, 7.30pm

For more information on our meetings, click here

Students’ Meetings & Events…

Young People’s Fellowship Meeting

Saturday, 7.00pm in one2two

Young Adult’s Bible Study

Sunday, 4.00pm, in a various member’s homes, + tea provided afterwards!
These Bible Studies are a great opportunity to discuss topics or parts of the Bible that interest you. You can ask questions and find out what your fellow-students think.


Sunday Lunches

Once a month, lunch is arranged in the church hall after the morning service (12.30pm) for British and International students, and other young people who are new to the city. The dates for student lunches next year are being arranged for


  • Sunday  October 1st
  • Sunday  November 5th
  • Sunday  December 3rd
  • Sunday  February 4th
  • Sunday  March 4th
  • Sunday  May 6th

Carol Dutkowski
You can also have lunch provided for you by a family from the church on any other Sunday. To add your name to the list, contact Carol Dutkowski (07584 136113).

If I’m going to CU, isn’t that enough?

No – the CU is never supposed to become a replacement for church. It is a good way to meet other Christians and can be helpful to you, but the church should be your spiritual home, and you can get involved in it just as much as any of the other members.

“The CU should not and does not replace a church…It is really important then to be in a church and to get into one as quickly as you can.”

(UCCF: The Christian Unions movement)