Older church members will recall the pastorate of Heath Presbyterian Church held by Rev. Jack Sharman from 1954-1961. His daughter Ceri, now Ceri Douglass, has produced three booklets giving an account of her father and mother’s service with CIM as missionaries from 1937-1951 in China, their escape from Communism and return to Wales in 1951.

To commemorate 13 years of Zia Sin Seng (Mr. Sharman’s) work in Chenghsien 1937-50.During all the years spent in China Jack Sharman wrote hundreds of letters to his sister and aunts in Wales, one of whom was Miss Jarvis, an elder of Heath during the years of the Second World War.

Ceri and her husband determined to visit the area in China during 2000 where her parents and family were situated and nurturing the flourishing church, as shown in a photograph taken in 1951 prior to the Communist take-over. To their amazement, not only did the church still exist, but it had wonderfully survived 50 years of persecution and numbers are rapidly increasing daily.

A second visit to China in 2006, with the daughter of missionaries who served in the same period as the Sharmans, revealed the whereabouts of places and people who were well known to Ceri’s parents.

The three booklets are entitled ‘Memoirs of Jack and Pegi Sharman’, ‘The People in the Picture’ and ‘He maketh a New Vessel’. These can be read in sequence or individually as the narrative overlaps in various details; but one thing is certain, they make very realistic and exciting reading about our former Pastor, and it is so encouraging to discover how God is powerfully working in this immense Chinese nation in our time.

Richard Coombe

To obtain the booklets, please contact:
Mrs. Ceri Douglass,
90 Wembdon Road,
Somerset, TA6 7QS
or www.chinaencounters.org.uk