David MorrishDavid Morrish

David as been our main link, working with Les Navigateurs since 1974. Although he now lives close to his parents in Southampton, he travels to France each month, mainly to Strasbourg.
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 Gethin-Jones-242x3001Gethin Jones

Gethin Jones moved to Paris in September 2009 to work among students for two years with an IFES InterAction team.
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The Durand FamilyEmmanuel and Esther Durand

Emmanuel and Esther Durand and their two little boys have been accepted by UFM as missionaries to work in Brittany.
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Report on Emmanuel and Esther Durand’s Summer Mission to Brittany 2009

We also have a number of French nationals in membership with us. For them and French-speaking students who come to Cardiff, we hold a French Bible study once a month.
We have also invited a number of people to give brief accounts of the situation in France at present and in history. Please choose from the list below:
The Gospel in France – the current situation.
Rev Geraint Lloyd
The Huguenots – Protesants persecuted in France since the
Rev Brian Higham
Revival in Drôme – early 20th century.
Prof. Paul Wells