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We are beginning 2018 sharing devotionals as a church together for the first 21 days, and hopefully on day 20 (Saturday) we will end up with a 24 hours prayer time. It is a challenge to the community to be at church by 6:30am to pray together those days and seek the Lord. The whole exercise is to focus in putting God first, then our neighbours first and then finally the kingdom first. This period of praying together as a church will be accompanied by a series of Sunday messages centering on the priority of putting God first in our lives. Pray for an unction on the preaching of the Word and also join with us in the outcry from our hearts to have a visitation from the Lord. Eddy 1

As we do every year, the Evangelical churches have organized times of prayer from 9th to 13th January. It is always a very profitable time for churches to come together and seek the Lord in prayer. Please, pray for a good attendance and that people will be highly motivated to share in this occasion.

On the 8th January begins the last phase of food distribution for the year 2017-18. The number of people receiving food has been increasing regularly to the point that we have set a limit to the number of families that we can manage to attend and provide food. Eddy 2We have reached more than 500 people benefiting from the ministry of our NGO Asociación Ekklesia Solidaria. Pray for all the logistic and administrative work. We need to conduct interviews for the elaboration of official reports confirming the families’ poverty status. Pray that the work will allow us to connect with them and offer them the good news of the gospel.

Last November (10th -12th) the conference Passion for the Gospel (2nd Edition) took place. It was a resounding success, the pastors who were invited to share God’s Word brought us even closer to the Gospel in its more pure essence. Editorial Peregrino had also a successful turn over as it sold out almost all the stock that was taken to the Conference. Last year we were celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation and it was decided in The Editorial Council to edit a special 5 issue of our magazine “Nueva Reforma”, the picture just showed the last two issue. It has been a really encouraging year regarding all the events remembering the reformation. Eddy 3We give glory to God as we continue to point out those all important Five Solas: “Sola Scriptura”, “Sola Gratia, “Sola Fide”, “Solus Christus” and “Soli Deo Gloria”. Pray for Matt Hill in all his responsibilities for the day to day running of the Editorial. Pray for financial solvency.
Day 7. God First. Relationships Lk 14:26
21 Devotionals to begin 2018
“Nueva Reforma” Magazine of Ed. Peregrino
It was the first time for me to attend the Conference as Chairman of Editorial Peregrino, I met some many new people committed wholeheartedly to the doctrines of grace, for which I give thanks to the Lord. I will mention a young couple recently married, Mauricio from México and Dawn from USA, both working with Agape among university students in Madrid. As it happens they put me up for a night because I missed my train on my way back to Valencia. It was a joyful occasion to share in the Word and make new friends in the Gospel. Pray especially for them as they serve the Lord, and right now Mauricio is gathering prayer and financial support.

Eddy 4In the last prayer update I mentioned Pastor Albert Pavón who was diagnosed with cancer now 5 months ago. He has undergone surgery, please continue to remember him in prayer. He will have now a long path to walk before he is fully recovered, remember his young wife and also pray for the church, that the Lord will keep them. The fraternal of pastors has been a real blessing to all our ministries, we get together to pray for each other, and at those times share some of our burdens and in doing so care for one another. Each congregation with their own story and their own vision, yet we are united in friendship and in the commitment to preach Christ. I will ask you again for protection and for growth not just in numbers, but in stature and influence in each part of the city where the Lord has planted us.

Recently, the Management Board of the Council of Evangelical Churches in the Valencia Community was renewed. In those events, Pr Javier Piquer (from La Parroquia) was elected President of the Council. Please, pray for this important institutional body. Eddy 5The Council is our interlocutor with local and regional government. This Council also gathers under its wings all the Evangelical Churches in the Valencian Community, which covers 3 provinces: Alicante, Castellón and Valencia. The Board needed a new input and vision to move forward, this is an important change that we hope will revitalize the relationships among churches. Pray for protection for everybody in the new Management Board.

We give also thanks for Rev Wyn Hughes’ visit to Valencia last year. It was an encouragement to spend time together sharing our thoughts for the future and bonding for stronger and fruitful relationships. We would love to visit the UK in 2018, so we start praying for the timing, and for useful contacts with whom to share regarding the work here in Valencia. Pray for the Lord’s guidance.

Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer and your support to sustain our work here in Valencia. Pray for our young men, for Joel who has important exams in University this month, and Elis for his final year in his course. Pray for guidance for their future. Thanks for being there.


January-February 2018