Valencia, June 2013

Dear Friends,

Greetings from an already overheated Valencia. It works like a clock, once June arrives, the heat comes with it. Do hope you are all being blessed and prospering in God’s work.

I want to start this prayer letter update thanking you all for remembering us as a family. Helen had surgery at the end of May which went according to plan but it has taken a while for her to recover. She has been able to rest and will be able to return to her normal activities. Joel has successfully finished his last year in high school. He had good results and has also taken his university entry exams. He is now planning his choice of career; pray for wisdom and for a place! Elis has done well in his studies, but we will update you on his final results later on in July. Sadly, Helen was not successful in her exam last May; unfortunately there were signs of malpractice which has led some people to make a formal complaint via lawyers to question the validity of the procedures.

As I mentioned in May’s letter, we began a new series entitled “The Order of God”. We thank the Lord for the help received in preparation and delivery, and are very encouraged to see the church respond positively. Often the work and responsibilities of the church is placed on the shoulders of just a few people, but how necessary it is to involve the whole church! Pray for fruits and that people will commit themselves to serve with passion and dedication.

As pastors of Ekklesia we are visiting the congregation in Xativa (65km) south of Valencia. We are preaching there fortnightly to encourage and motivate the work and to support closely Pr Enrique Bustamente. Equally, we continue to support the missionary work carried out by Rebecca Cox in a town called Moncada, just outside Valencia. Pray for a special blessing! I have preached there several times, and although it is only a small group of believers who gather there, they are keen to hear the word.

The Ekklesia churches in Valencia are doing very well with strong spiritual growth. We are delighted to see how Ekklesia Cielos Abiertos under the leadership of Pr Gabriel has been blessed recently. They have developed their own discipleship courses, and as I have visited over the last few months, the men who used to be the learners, have now become the teachers. There is an excellent bond and warm fellowship. Equally, Ekklesia Vino Nuevo, have seen growth in maturity and leadership among them. Pr Jose Manuel has been blessed in his preaching ministry. At the same time, here in Valencia the long established Fraternal of Pastors has initiated activities which are helping to nurture relationships among us. These days we see more willingness to invite fellow pastors to minister in our congregations. Give thanks for these elements of real unity and purpose in our task of preaching the gospel.

Last month, as promised, we received food stuff donated by people participating in a Basketball championship. Glad to say we were able to give them away to many needy people who regularly come to our soup kitchen. The number of families coming for a hot meal continues to increase. Soon, probably early July, the first phase (2013-2014) for food distribution on behalf of the European Union will commence. Again, this help targets people in real dire needs; we keep identifying new people and our list keeps growing. Remember our social work. We have a good number of volunteers who are dedicated to serve and to support the work financially. Please, pray for wisdom in our stewardship and for all the planning to improve our facilities.

Editorial Peregrino is currently planning for the future; continue to remember DC in his work as Director. Give thanks for the literature work and pray for the Lord to supply all the needs to do an excellent work.

Thank you for your continued support in prayer. Thank you for being there. Eddy