Valencia March-April 2018

Dear Friends,

After the inspiring beginning this year in which we sought the Lord daily as a Church, we are now seeing a hunger for the Lord in a personal way and as a community. Those 21 days marked a commitment towards a renewed prayer life and a delight in studying the Word. On Tuesdays we have continued our studies of the Word and in particular we are centring on training the Church to comprehend the great impact the Bible has had in history and in particular in the history of the Church. Please, pray for the teachers and for a special blessing on the people gathered to meet with the Lord.

On 22 February, the Board of Directors of Editorial Peregrino met to plan and to execute all the projects the Lord has laid upon our hearts. There is a great joy among us as we have been blessed with a special legacy that has given us a great impulse to promote good literature. Producing good books is a real challenge as we have to finance them, and over the last few years we have waited for an opportunity to do so. The legacy will help and we pray to the Lord for a wise strategy to do this work for the glory of God. Continue to remember the workers at the Editorial and specially pray for Matt Hill in his responsibility as General Director. My role as Chairman of both the Editorial Board and Board of Directors carries an overall responsibility; pray for wisdom and direction. Give thanks for this opportunity to serve the Lord in this capacity.

Most probably on 29 March we shall distribute almost 12.4 tons of food to more than 150 families concluding the last phase of food distribution for the year 2017-18. Pray for all the logistics and preparation to do this work efficiently. The volunteers give their time freely and for a number of situations we have to find new people to participate as some move on and new people join in. Give thanks for a will to serve and do so with love and much grace. Remember specially Bonnie who is responsible for conducting the interviews and writing up the reports detailing the needs of the families. Continue to pray for the overall work of our NGO Asociación Ekklesia Solidaria.

On 24 March, the Council of Evangelical Churches of the Valencian Community will meet again to resolve some outstanding issues which have debilitated our testimony in the whole region. Pray for the Lord to guide all the churches to reach a consensus; previous decisions were contested, hence there will be new elections to form the Management Board. The Council represents us before the local authorities, but it is also under the jurisdiction of FEREDE, an institutional body that represents all the Evangelical churches in Spain. Just yesterday (7 March) the general assembly gathered to resolve challenges from some groups of churches who are favouring the LGBT agenda. A lot of politics is involved in this matter, but thankfully we can state that FEREDE has reinforced our conviction as Evangelicals in holding up the Biblical precepts regarding marriage, including the fact that as Ministers recognized by the State, we will only marry a man and a woman as biologically determined by birth. We give thanks for this firm stand in the defence of the family.

Please, continue to remember Pastor Albert Pavón. I have mentioned him a few times as his progress is slow in his recovery from surgery. He will be going through a new set of chemotherapy sessions in the next 3 months. Pray for his young wife and for the Church and the work of the gospel. Give thanks for the good fellowship among us as pastors in the city of Valencia and the work that each one of us carries out in our churches. Pray for a special blessing in our midst.

On 25 April Creation Ministries International will be visiting Valencia; Phillip Bell will be speaking on the “Origen of Life”. Pray for a vindication of our trust in the creation narrative in Genesis; it is surprising how many believers doubt and accept the “evolution narrative”.

Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer and your support to sustain our work here in Valencia.

Thanks for being there.