Valencia May-June 2018

Dear Friends,


Six weeks ago we began on Tuesdays a series of studies on an overall understanding of the Bible. It has been really challenging and the congregation has appreciated covering (so far) the whole Old Testament. Next week we will start studying the New Testament and we value your prayers. We planned these studies to encourage the congregation to hold a complete panoramic view of the Scriptures. Although it is designed just to be an introduction to the Bible, we can see how it has given a deeper understanding of the Word. Give thanks for these profitable studies, and pray for all of us teaching each week.

Next 17th-19th May I shall be travelling to Valdepeñas. We have planned our annual Editorial Peregrino Board meeting for Friday 18th, then we shall review all the work done in 2017 and continue with the projects approved in February this year. It is an exciting time to see how the work is developing and we are looking forward to publishing good books in 2018. Pray for efficiency and a good managerial strategy to use all our resources responsibly. Remember Matt Hill as General Director together with the team of workers in the office of Editorial Peregrino. On Saturday 19th Mez McConnell will be speaking on the theme “The Church in Hard Places”, on the occasion of our XII Editorial Peregrino Conference; this annual conference gives us an opportunity to get together and to promote our literature. Also, we shall be presenting a book written by Mr McConnell & Mike McKinley on the same theme. Give thanks for these privileges.

On April 13th we finally distributed almost 1.4 tons of food to more than 150 families. It was a long day, but we were glad to offer this practical help to all those families. This was the last phase for the year 2017-2018. We were grateful to all the volunteers. But this work never stops, and by April 27th we were sending a new list of families who will receive at the end of June/July the first lot of food for the year 2018-2019. Pray for all the logistics and for the interviews that have to be conducted to all the new families. These are precious times as we get to hear the heart of their troubles; pray for Bonnie (Social worker) and myself as we do these interviews. Continue to pray for the overall work of our NGO Asociación Ekklesia Solidaria. We are also helping the young children (primary schooling age) from these families with their school work; revising and teaching in some cases.

Thank you for remembering the official meeting of the Council of Evangelical Churches of the Valencian Community which met on March 24th. At that meeting a new Board was elected including as President, our own Javier Piquer, who is also with us serving as pastor in La Parroquia. Continue to pray for this important institutional body which gathers all the Evangelical churches of the Valencia Community. Pray for unity and good fellowship. An important aspect of the work is the continual cooperation amongst pastors of all these churches. We meet regularly every month, and also we meet for prayer every week. We give thanks for the fellowship and ever growing good relationship. Again, I will ask you to pray for Pastor Albert Pavón who is still undergoing treatment for his condition.

A young man from our congregation Eduardo, has started long distance Biblical Studies with EET (Escuela Evangélica de Teología) which is being sponsored by the FIEIDE (Federación de Iglesias Independientes de España). I am acting as his mentor to coordinate his progress with EET. Pray for guidance for his future and for the Lord to establish His calling in his life. He is married and now works part-time.

During June, Joel and Elis will be finishing their academic year. Give thanks for the provision to cover all costs regarding university fees, and pray for the Lord’s blessings on Joel. Helen will be sitting her professional exams on 1st July; pray for stamina and the Lord’s blessings on all these efforts. As a family, we are grateful for your faithful prayers and support.

Thanks for being there.