Valencia November-December 2017


Dear Friends,

We are entering the last two months of the year completing a long standing project which began in 2015, and has continued until 2017. As a community we set in motion a 3 year vision to bond us deeply in our commitment to the Lord and His Gospel. During 2015 we deepened our unity, relationships and principles of life; in the following year (2016) we worked on discipleship, growth and maturity. And finally, during 2017, we have moved into putting into a more practical exercise the discipleship learned in closed community. The whole vision and its fruits, we trust will become evident as the church grows and specially manifest itself in our teaching and preaching.

One important element in maintaining our commitment to the gospel has been to lay foundations and assure ourselves as pastors and overseers that at all levels we were teaching the right doctrines. Spanish Evangelical churches have sadly been founded on a weak view of the sovereignty of God which has affected its growth leading to a less than desired robust, vibrant church. At La Parroquia we will continue to uphold the doctrines of Grace knowing that we need the Lord at each stage. We give thanks that over the last 13 years of my work with Andrés, Javier, and Andrés Jr the Lord has blessed us. Let me make my first request this time as Paul did a long time ago, that you will join with us in prayer to intercede for a ministry which honours the Lord, and be delivered from errors, conscious of the tremendous opportunities to preach the Gospel.Eddy Nov 2017

Thank you for praying for the teaching sessions being held on Saturdays for leaders and teachers. In the last session I was able to share the fundamentals of the Gospel from Paul’s letter to the Romans. It is so liberating to have a well grounded group of people willing to deepen their knowledge of the Word. Pray for all these teachers ranging from nursery to young adults. It is important that they have the right approach to the Word, and that they rely on the Lord. Please, pray for each one of them in their personal walk with the Lord.

On Friday 3rd November we distributed nearly 11 tons of food, finishing Phase 2. It represents a substantial increase in the number of families since we began this work. Give thanks for each volunteer willing to sacrifice time and put an enormous amount of effort into making this work of grace successful. Our NGO Asociación Ekklesia Solidaria has a few challenges to overcome regarding the Soup Kitchen; we closed it last May and are still looking for a solution to the administrative demands from the Town Hall. Please pray for wisdom and a clear strategy to reopen this work.

Over the weekend 10th -12th November, Editorial Peregrino and 9Marks are sponsoring the conference called Passion for the Gospel (2nd Edition). It is a gathering seeking to promote a Biblical understanding of the Gospel, to recover a Christ centred vision and to encourage the churches with the mission of faithfully communicating the Good News to this lost world. As a Chairman of Editorial Peregrino I was invited to represent the Editorial and Matt Hill as the General Manager will be organizing all the logistics to promote our books. This event represents a wholesome sales point of our literature. Give thanks for this opportunity and pray for travelling mercies.

In our fraternal of pastors we promote close fellowship in prayer and friendship. There are two pastors and the churches they lead that I would like to bring before you for prayer. Pastor Arturo Murillo has been the pastor of Calle Sueca Church for some years now. Yes, it is the same place where I preached last February and the Church where I helped for many years. It is a healthy congregation in terms of their teaching, they are well grounded in the Word. However, they need prayer in their mutual relationships. Pray for the Lord to protect this work. The other pastor is called Albert Pabon; he is a young man originally from Venezuela who is very committed to preaching the Word. Recently I shared with him over a coffee and to my amazement he was ever so hungry for the doctrines of grace; he ended up with our finest Spanish edition of Preachers and Preaching by M Lloyd-Jones. Please, pray especially for him as he is facing health troubles; he was diagnosed with cancer 3 months ago and is undergoing treatment. I shall be preaching there next 19th November. Pray for a word in season for this young fellowship.

In remembering and celebrating the incredible event of the 95 theses of Martin Luther when he questioned and sought to debate the doctrines and praxis of the Catholic church, here in Valencia and in Spain as a whole we are promoting the amazing statements of faith of the church reflected in those five “solas”: “Sola Scriptura”, “Sola Gratia, “Sola Fide”, “Solus Christus” and “Soli Deo Gloria”. I shall be sharing in a common celebration next 13th November with other congregations regarding the influence of the Reformation in our churches. Please, pray for a genuine impact in our society, that the Lord may be honoured.

We are looking forward to Rev Wyn Hughes’ visit to Valencia over the weekend 24th -26th November. Pray for safe travel and for our churches to strengthen our fellowship.

Thank you for praying for us as a family. In the next few weeks I shall be undergoing a review and the usual health checks. Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer and your support to sustain our work here in Valencia.

Thanks for remembering us. Thanks for being there.