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Mary Jones reaches Cameroon

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From Paul Tench’s Cameroon diary 2018. Friday 9 February, staying with Ebenezer and Florence Fokam in the Meta town of Mbengwi. Introduced to Mercy Anne Nduku, who will be accompanying us to Bessi-Fomukong. She is the Regional Director of the Bible Society of Cameroon (Bamenda), for NorthWest/West. First of all, we had to pick up three benches for the […]

Meta New Testament Project Latest

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A year after the launching of the completed Meta New Testament, my desire is to see the Meta New Testament Project succeed. We at the Heath Church have prayed and given over 40 years, so I want to see that it has been all worthwhile. The measurements of success are: 1) that the Scriptures are […]

Latest translation information

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There are five members of the translation team: Mr Richard Tah, who is also the Project Co-ordinator, Rev John Fokwa, who is also their exegesis expert, and Rev John Atoh, a senior pastor and much respected, Otto Fondeh and Pastor Philip Fonangoh. Janet Ake is their typist. They meet in a house that the Metta […]

Rev Wyn Hughes visit to Metta Project

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Back row from left: man unknown; lady may be new literacy co-ordinator; next 2 men unknown; next lady unknown; Alice Musaga (a member of the literacy team, who trained with support from the Metta Bible Translation Steering Committee); Catholic priest; Grace who teaches in Njinibi and Bome (“solid, reliable and careful”); Rev John Fokwa, a […]