Valencia July-August 2019

Dear Friends,


Thank you for remembering us in prayer! As the years pass, the reality remains that our dependence is upon the Lord, so we give you thanks for being partners in this work knowing that God is in control. July and August represent holidays and rest here in Spain, so we hope to have a few days of rest soon. Joel has finished his university course (Computer Engineering) successfully, and Elis also finished his Professional Training as preparation for commencing his training as a firefighter. Grateful to the Lord for his keeping care and pray for their future. Please, continue to remember Venezuela as matters are still unresolved, praying for the work of the Gospel there and for protection. Pray for peace and understanding between all the people. As it happens, my mum is visiting us briefly next week, it will be good to see her.


On 17th-18th July we will receive 15 tons of food and will distribute the lot to more than 160 families. You would have noticed that there is a cycle of 3 months between each phase, this is the 1st phase for 2019-2020. Right now, I am in the middle of contacting each family to make sure they come to collect their food. This is a precious task as I am privileged to listen and to respond to their personal situation. Pray for sensitivity in our approach to attend to all their needs; we are pleased for this opportunity to serve and to reach out to our community. I am leaving the same photo as last time, as you can easily add another two columns of files. Nowadays the protection of personal data is important, the laws have become very strict to keep confidential information safe. Each family has to provide documentation which verifies their unfavourable condition with regards to work and regular income. Thank you for remembering me in this particular work. Pray also for all the volunteers who will serve with dedication. Asociación Ekklesia Solidaria has been recognized by the government and the Red Cross in this case, for an outstanding work in serving with dedication. We give the glory to the Lord.


During the summer, La Parroquia will have a preaching series presenting the Gospel clearly; we often have visitors during this time, so it is a wonderful opportunity. I am preaching on 4th August; ask the Lord for a powerful unction to deliver the truth.


Pray for Eduardo Castillo, a young man in the church who is studying and training in La Escuela Evangélica de Teología (EET) in Catalunya. I am acting as his Mentor and we are really pleased as a church for his progress. Pray for him that the Lord would lead and guide him for the future.

The church is also holding their Summer Camp from 31st July – 3rd August, and the theme is “+ like Jesus”. We pray for the Lord´s blessings upon each child attending the camp. Remember the teachers who will be responsible for presenting the Gospel and the Lord. Pray too for protection and safety, and that each child will have a personal encounter with God.  


Please, continue to pray for Salvador, that the Lord will minister to him especially at this time. He lives in a home for the elderly and has lost most of his family. We are thankful for a life which honours the Lord at this crucial time.


Briefly, give thanks for Editorial Peregrino; the work continues and all the events of last May were really blessed by the Lord. Leonardo De Chirico from Italy, delivered the main addresses. Remember Matt Hill who is acting as General Director, pray for strength and good health. All the Board meetings went well and we made important decisions regarding the staff, and also we planned the books scheduled to be produced in 2019; this involves choosing the right titles, having good translations when we publish English titles. Overall we are looking forward to the Lord’s provision and blessings.


In June I visited the Internment Centre for Foreigners and met the Director of the centre, an agreeable man willing to cooperate and to facilitate my work in providing “religious assistance”. The term is a legal one framed by the government in order to meet a spiritual need. Pray for every conversation and wisdom in assisting these people facing deportation.

As a family we are grateful for the Lord’s faithfulness. Last week, I had my usual medical health check-up and all the results were alright.

Thanks for being there.