Valencia, October – November 2020

Dear Friends,

In Valencia we are still enjoying summer temperatures; it is not unusual, the privileges of the Mediterranean, but spiritually it is winter. After more than two decades in Spain one learns of the fact of a society that seems to be still under the tyranny of fear. The Gospel of grace is making inroads; we see fruits, but in the eyes of this nation, we are strange people. Every word counts, every gesture that speaks of caring and reaching out is noted, but they are so far and in between. These last 6 months have been so disrupted by the pandemic and one can almost say: what have we done during this time? More importantly, what has the Lord being doing during this time? There are many individual stories, but looking at the whole, the Lord is teaching us to depend totally on Him, to trust Him in the midst of so much uncertainties. The church is still meeting each Thursday for prayer maintaining all the safety protocols, but we are still missing the fellowship, hence we are planning to open on Sundays respecting the parameters recommended by the authorities. So, hopefully, next Sunday 11th October we will open the church premises to meet and worship God together. Please, pray for wisdom and safety. One of the personal stories is that of Salvador who has been suffering from cancer since last October 2019. Thanks for remembering him, he continues to ask the Lord for grace to enter into his rest. Pray for him, that an entrance may be ministered unto him abundantly into the everlasting Kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Although we don´t have a fixed date, most likely by the end of October or early November we will distribute food again to some 155 families. We are hoping to finish the work in two days’ distribution; pray for safety. Give thanks for the volunteers and pray giving thanks for this new occasion to serve the community.  

The Conference Passion for the Gospel will take place this year online (7th Nov); John Piper will be speaking. Editorial Peregrino is part of the organizing team; we will miss not to have the books displayed, although some churches will open their premises to view the streaming online of the conference, and in those churches we will sell our books. We are grateful to the Lord for His faithful provision for Editorial Peregrino, as from 1st October all our workers have returned to work. Give thanks to the Lord.

We are now “expatriate” with a fanciful new ID card. We give thanks to the Lord for his provision and praise Him as a family for His love and care.


Thanks for being there.