A North Walian, I was brought up in a loving family and attended a local Presbyterian Church. It was only when I entered College in Aberystwyth to study theology then philosophy that I met students who had trusted personally in the Lord Jesus as Saviour and Lord . They were authentic Christians. And they knew God personally.

Aware of my own lostness, sin and purposeless life over a period , the Lord met me on my own and I trusted Him for salvation . I was changed. And I knew I was a new person and that the Lord loved me. It really was a miracle. My goal since has been to live for the Lord Jesus since He died to save me. An overwhelming sense of call to preach the Gospel of Christ increasingly crowded out my previous ambitions.

While studying in Aberystwyth, I met my wife, Magwen who studied Welsh in the University. A few weeks after we married, I was ordained as a Presbyterian pastor in Maesteg .Years later, with two small children, we moved to pastor a new church in Bangor, North Wales. Then I was called to train pastors /missionaries in a new Theological College in Bridgend and settled in the Heath church. One of our joys is that our children are also committed Christians and active in their respective churches in Cardiff (Welsh) and London.