Even as a young child, I always hated God.  I never denied that He was there (it seemed too obvious to me), but I desperately wished that He wasn’t.  I believed that the Bible was true, but I didn’t like what it taught.  I didn’t like knowing that I was a sinful rebel who deserved to be punished.  I thought it so unfair for God to make me in the first place, if I was going to end up in hell.  I hated the fact that the only way of escape was to submit to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.  I didn’t want Him.  I wanted to rule my own life.  I was absolutely determined that I would never become a follower of Jesus Christ.  Although I was petrified of hell, surrending to the authority of Christ was too big a price to pay .  I hated God.

Years later, I am now a follower of Jesus Christ and a lover of God.  My greatest joy and delight is to know Him and to tell others about Him.  The Lord Jesus Christ is my Friend, my Companion, my Rescuer, my Helper, my Shepherd and my King.  Whereas once I was 100% convinced that I was going to hell, I am now 100% certain of going to heaven.  What happened?

To cut a long story short, I was confronted with the overpowering glory of God.  Previously, I had only seen one ‘use’ in God: He could forgive my sin and save me from hell.  But I was too stubborn to embrace His generous offer.  However, at the age of fifteen, I heard a man preaching.  I had heard preaching thousands of times before.  I was extremely familiar with the gospel – the good news of Jesus Christ coming into the world to save sinners.  I knew that Jesus was the Son of God, who had laid down His life as a sacrifice for sin and who had risen again in triumph.  I knew that I had to turn away from my sin and trust in Christ alone for forgiveness.  I could easily have explained it to someone else.  But this was different.  As the preacher focused upon the sheer unutterable glory and splendour of God, I became fascinated.  I began to be overwhelmed.  Something of the infinite greatness and majesty and magnificence of God dawned upon my soul as it never had before.  For the first time in my life, I saw God as attractive and compelling.  Here was Someone worth knowing, serving and enjoying, simply because of the sheer excellence of who He is.  I was conquered.  I finally surrendered to God in repentance and placed my trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

As a willing servant of Jesus Christ, I now have the joy of knowing God as a gentle Father and Almighty Friend.  I have the peace of knowing that all my rebellion  is forgiven and paid for by Jesus.  I have the power to live a changed life, through the Holy Spirit, who lives within me.  And I have the confident hope of everlasting paradise when I die.  Truly, God has radically and supernaturally transformed my entire life.