7.30pm Thursday 25 February saw 38 people aged 20 to 80 plus excitedly arrive at the Great China Restaurant, near the church.Why? To enjoy a delicious Chinese meal.We invited relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbours for an evangelistic meal.

During the meal, Dr Andy Christofides (St Mellons) engagingly answered the question: Is God relevant? Speaking as a scientist converted from atheism,he illustrated clearly but simply what God is like – that he is allpowerful, all-knowing, present everywhere, holy.Then he showed how our relationship with God was destroyed by our failure to meet his standards for our lives and how God sent his Son to die in order to restore the relationship.Yes,God is very relevant for our lives and for our eternal destiny.

There was a stillness and thoughtfulness as Andy spoke then sat down. Some serious conversations took place as we ate more food. It was an enjoyable, worthwhile evening.

Pray the Lord will use this occasion to help some to believe in the Lord Jesus.

Chris Connor