June 2016.

Martinez and Emma received their immigration papers and returned to Haiti June 17.
The Bethesda Convention will start on July 21-24th, God willing. People from all the churches will be attending. Martinez asks for prayer for the brothers and sisters who will be travelling by vehicle. The Bible text is 1 Kings 18 v 21 ” If the Lord is God, follow Him; but if Baal,follow him ”

They had an ordination service Sunday morning July 17 in the Delmas church. Brother Jean Phanel Aristhomene has completed his Bible Study in the Bible School in Haiti. He is married with 2 sons. Martinez asks that we pray for him.

Martinez apologised that he forgot to tell us that they had ordained another Pastor in the church at Cabaret last year.

Jameson Fleurantain, the student who has been in Jamaica, returns in July. Pray for his future work and for the other students they are planning to send to the Bible college. They are working on their passports and application forms.

There is a Leaders Seminar in Port-au-Prince in August.
They have now had rain in Marbial.

Martinez writes that they praise God and thank the brothers and sisters for the generous contribution for their family, the mission and the Marbial school.

God is good.

Every blessing