open-bibleWe have available a number of Revival Meetings and Publications to download in pdf format.

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Remembering 1904/05

  1. What is Revival?:
      Rev Brian Edwards
  2. The Need for Revival:
     Rev Dafydd Morris
  3. A Personal Account of Revival:
     Rev Dafydd Job
  4. Historical Review of Revival:
       Rev Graham Harrison

Other Revival Meetings

  1. The Revival in Cardiff:
     Rev Noel Gibbard
  2. The International Impact of the Welsh Revival:
     Rev Noel Gibbard
  3. Discernment in Times of Revival:
      Rev Dafydd Job
  4. The Work of God at Cross Hands in the 1950s:
     Rev Gareth Davies
  5. The 1859 Revival
     From a talk given by Dr Gwyn Davies

Other Publications

  1. Revival in Drôme:
      Prof Paul Wells
  2. The Life and Hymns of Ann Griffiths:
      Robert Rhys