The Lord has blessed both the Cabaret and Jacmel churches with Pastors who are trained and ordained. Pray that God would put a hedge around them and their families.

Their church in Port- au- Prince, together with another church, engaged in door to door visiting one Saturday.

The school in Ka-Thoman now has 120 students.




The Cabaret school is looking for a principal.

Pray for the Font Blanc  church as they are seeking a Pastor.

Pray that God will grant them wisdom in making decisions concerning the next steps for the girls and boys in the homes post secondary training.

The situation in Haiti was difficult in June. The streets were dangerous, people were being killed, tyres were burnt and vehicles and shops. It was difficult for the Bible school students and school children to go to school.




The unrest continues in Haiti. They were unable to hold their annual conference of the Bethesda Mission.

Martinez asks for prayer for Haiti and the Christians and the government leaders. Also for the Bethesda leaders and the Boys and Girls homes.


Martinez and Emma and Daniel and his wife and two of their children will be in Cardiff from July 30th until August 11th. If you wish to see them you could email me to arrange a convenient time.


God is good.