Martinez asked for prayer for the Cabaret church as they ordained 4 men to the ministry in January.

The associate Pastor in the Marbial church was due to be married in March and they are planning to ordain him in April. 

The staff in the girls home needed extra training and for a while there was uncertainty about the funding for the home. This seems to have been averted but prayer is needed to make sure that  the future is secure. Additional staff is also needed. 

Martinez also requested prayer for the boys home in Jacmel. They have a music teacher for them and in the Sunday service they play the musical instruments. The boys love the Lord and they are progressing well in school. 

The schools work is also progressing well and they praise the Lord and thank us for our prayers.  

The medical work is progressing. They have young trainees who are helping Emma in the work. 

Politically, the situation in Haiti is still problematic and Martinez asks for prayer for the Christians and also for the country. 

Martinez and Emma spent some time in February in Miami for medical appointments. Pray for good health for both of them.