December 2019

Martinez and Emma made a short trip to Haiti but returned to Miami for Christmas

January 2020

They asked for prayer for a conference in Marbial January 2nd to 5th.

The church at Jacmel ordained a new Pastor. His name is Jameson Fleurantin. He is married with a baby son. Jameson was a student from their high school and also attended Bible School in Haiti and Jamaica. There is also a deacon called Saint Louis Jean Baptiste with whom they have been working for a long time.

There are 2 other men whom they are observing and they may be ordained later this year. One will serve the Delmas church and the other man will lead the Font Blanc church. Both of them have graduated from the Bible School in Haiti.

Martinez asked for prayer for the other church leaders and the school principle. He is a lawyer but gives his time to help the children in the community.

February 2020

Martinez again asked for prayer for the Pastors and leaders in the Haiti churches as the political situation is still not good.

They also had a conference in Marbial early in February.

Daniel has asked that we pray that God would open the door for suitable post-secondary programmes for the girls and boys from the homes; that God would give the Pastors and school leadership wisdom to serve their local communities and remain faithful to the gospel despite the difficult situation with persistent unrest; that God would give wisdom to the leadership team.

Daniel hopes to visit Haiti March/April.

Both Martinez and Emma have some health problems but they always say that God is good.