Reading booksA number of ladies in the fellowship have formed a Reading Group.

First Saturday of each month 11.00am

The Reading Group meets in the lounge of one2two each month.

“I have enjoyed being part of the reading group. I’ve often thought that I should read more but rarely managed to get around to it. So the idea of a reading group was the push that I needed.

Between 5-8 of us meet on a Saturday morning, usually the first Saturday of the month. We decide between ourselves what books we will read and try and plan a few months ahead.

We have tried to have a very varied list of books to read e.g. autobiographies, contemporary authors, old books. Some we have enjoyed and found helpful, others not so . It has been very good to discuss the book together, encouraging each other with the different things we gained from the books, discussing issues raised and just sharing fellowship together.

We try to read one book a month. Some times we don’t always manage to finish the book, for various reasons e.g. time restraints or some books are just harder to read. I don’t think any of us got past chapter 2 in John Pipers book “Desiring God” but we all found the preface very encouraging!

When we first started, over 18 months ago, we had a list of questions to answer about the book , but we find now that discussion flows without the need for a list of questions.

Anyone can set up a reading group. You just need a few people and a book to start and then plan from there. I can definitely recommend it.” For further information please contact us here

by Janet Rodrigues