We have two church services on a Sunday.
Morning Service: 10.45am
Evening Service: 6.00pm
Our style of worship is deliberately plain and simple, as we wish to focus entirely on God Himself. The central features of our Sunday worship are:

  • reading the Bible
  • prayer
  • singing hymns
  • preaching

The preaching in the Sunday morning service is on   those texts in the Bible that tell of the Gospel, the good news, for the benefit of both believers and those who wish to learn what the Gospel itself actually is. On Sunday evenings, the focus is primarily aimed at believers, instructing them in God’s Word, His will and His ways. Audio versions available here.

Children have their own classes during the Sunday morning service.
The congregation is a good mixture of generations, cultures and occupational backgrounds.

Communion is held twice a month: after the evening service of the first Sunday in the month, and after the morning service of the third Sunday. Communion is open to all who profess faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord.


Audio link

We also provide an audio relay link for anyone who wishes to listen to the sermon, but for various reasons cannot stay in the main church building (e.g. parents with children). This is available in the lecture room behind the pulpit.