Regular door to door visitation is carried out in the immediate vicinity of the Church. We visit once a month – in the summer on the last Thursday evening of the month and in the winter on the last Saturday morning of the month.

We seek to be friendly and considerate but also faithful to the Lord. We always make it clear who we are and what church we represent. In opening a conversation we are very aware of our need for wisdom. Am I talking to a person whose heart is breaking though the “mask” is in place? Does this person want to know more? What do you say when they say “But I’m not religious”, “I’m just too busy for all this” or “I don’t believe, you see I’m a scientist”?

What we don’t do is go with a prepared speech or sermon. We know it has to be two way: a conversation. Where are people coming from? How much do they know? What’s on their mind? We want to be courteous in the questions we ask. We want to be patient in listening. We want God-given discernment in knowing what to say next, wisdom in our use of Scripture and above all a real love for the person we are addressing. We want to win the right to be heard. We want to be channels for the Word and the Spirit. We long to get beyond the “cold” one off conversation to a relationship of trust and sharing when we call back.

Please pray with us. Why not join us? We are men and women from teenagers to pensioners. Some have never done this work before. But there is always someone you can team up with. What an encouragement for the experienced one to have the prayerful support of another, even if they say nothing.

Kerry Orchard