In recent years, our Church’s support of Gospel work in Eastern Europe has been rightly focused on Moldova, and the opportunities that have arisen through Maureen Wise’s involvement there with the house projects and the training of students for the ministry.

There are however, wider opportunities for support through the HMEE which was set up for this purpose by the East European prayer group more than thirty years ago. Money to support this ongoing work comes from a trust fund, individual donations and special Christmas collections.

Last year, HMEE was able to pay £4,900 in support of individuals serving the Lord in many countries across Eastern Europe, either independently or in association with various missions. These include some pastors of isolated churches in Siberia through the Slav Lands Christian Fellowship, two missionaries in the Balkans working with the Slavic Gospel Association, a young married couple working with Child Evangelism in Poland and a Polish Gideon representative. Support was also given to the Roundwood Trust, which publishes sound Christian books in Russian, and to Graham Herbert of the Eurasian Ministries Bible School in Kazan, who recently spoke at our Wednesday Prayer Meeting.

During the present year, we thank the Lord for already being able to send a gift of £1,000 towards the building costs of a Christian Hospice in Oradea, Romania. Up until now, this hospice work has been run on a home visitor basis, without any building or proper facilities. It was started a few years ago by Marinela Murg, a former student of Maureen Wise when she was teaching in the Christian University in Oradea. The main cost of this project, including the land purchase, has come from other sources, but we were very pleased to be able to help, especially because of the connection with Maureen. Praise God that her earlier endeavours are now bearing such fruit.

Mike Cross
June 2012