ghitas.jpgRev Cornel and Maria Ghita

From Romania to Australia

Rev Cornel Ghita, his wife Maria, and their daughter Eunice moved to Australia in the summer of 2010. Here is an explanation of why they did.

In 2005, I was called to be involved and help the Romanian Baptist churches abroad to organize themselves and encourage them by preaching, leading seminaries and Bible studies. I travelled to a number of countries in Europe, and after a while I was encouraged more and more to spend more time in this work by our Romanian Baptist Association.

About the same time, I was called to visit and encourage our Romanian missionaries in various countries. The idea was to encourage them, to visit and speak with the missions they work with and try to evaluate their work and especially to be able to select and equip other Romanian missionaries who wanted to go on mission to those places.

Then in 2006  I was invited by Maranatha Romanian Baptist Church in Melbourne to help them. I spent one month with them and with the other Romanian Evangelical churches in Melbourne. In spite of many difficulties and problems, I felt an unusual peace and even joy working with them and serving them. The elders and committee of that church had the same feeling. They invited me then to be their pastor, but it was not possible for me at that time to leave my church. They insisted that we continue to pray for guidance.

Meanwhile in our church, Sega Baptist Church, Arad, we developed a good strong team. We were three pastors. I had my fellow pastor and a youth pastor. We had a good team of elders and deacons. As far as the direction of the church was concerned, I was pretty sure that it would continue the same way, either with me or without me. I also have to say that I tried to evaluate my ministry and I felt that it was not as efficient as I believe it should be. I was respected; we had no problems, but I felt that the church was not growing spiritually. I started praying and fasting. The more I fasted and prayed, the more I felt deep down in my heart that God wanted me somewhere else. I prayed even more because I loved the church at Sega, I felt comfortable and respected, and the church building was almost finished. However, it became clear to me that I had to be open for whatever God wanted me to do. I shared first with Maria what was in my heart, and then with Eunice, and we prayed for almost two years. I could say more about some of our experiences by which the three of us came to realize that it was His will that we should come to Maranatha. This was a very big surprise for the church at Sega, but I think a lot of them understood, and the church supported us in prayer.

I am now pastor of Maranatha Romanian Baptist Church. This is my main ministry. At the same time, there are some smaller churches in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide, and we try to help them and encourage the elders who work there. There are a number of missionaries who are supported by the Romanian churches in Australia, who work in India, Indonesia and Africa. We pray and try to find good Reformed Australian churches with whom we wish to have fellowship.

We would appreciate your prayers for us. I believe we are in the place where God wants us to be and that we are doing what He asked us to do. It is difficult sometimes because of the wonderful memories we had back home in Romania, our house and all the things we left behind, but we, the three of us, have peace and joy serving the Lord here. In the church here, there is so far an enthusiasm and desire to know and walk closer with the Lord.

As a church we praise the Lord for the way He has blessed us. Every year people have joined us, people have come to the Lord and been baptized. More than six years ago we had the first baptism here after a period of 16 or 17 years. However during that time we went through a very difficult time as a church. We had to move from our church building (we had sold the building) and rent a place. It will take about one year, by God’s help, to finish the new church building. During that time a lot of work and a lot of commitment will be needed, but I think all this will contribute to strengthening the church. Ghita 2




We as a family are well. Maria is enjoying working in a nice clinic as a Pathologist Collector; Eunice is in her second year of Doctoral studies in Law at Melbourne University. We have settled down well and feel at home here.

Cornel Ghita, Maria and Eunice

February 2018