Eddy is serving as pastor in Valencia in the church called Ekklesia Valencia Distrito Quince locally known as La Parroquia Evangelica Jesus el Señor (“The evangelical ‘parish’ Jesus is the Lord”). The church became part of Ekklesia Global which is located in Miami, USA. This link was formerly made in 2010 although the association goes back to the early 90s. This was an important decision taking into account our identity as Evangelicals holding in high esteem the doctrines of grace. For them as a family to have found a church which held these truths coupled with a healthy dependence upon the work of the Holy Spirit to preach and proclaim the gospel was vital.

We arrived in Spain in 1995; after a couple of years of working in Zaragoza, we finally settled in Valencia. For a few years I was the pastor of a small fellowship in the town of Almussafes while at the same time I worked in Valencia City Mission as a pastor-social worker counseling on spiritual matters and helping people with special social needs. This work was very rewarding and I thank the Lord for those years of service. Following the Lord’s leading we joined La Parroquia in 2005 as a family where I now serve as pastor together with Andrés Pérez Córdoba (Senior pastor), Javier Piquer (Pastor) and Andrés Pérez Molina (Youth pastor).

The Church is officially called Ekklesia Valencia Distrito Quince, but we are still known as the Evangelical Parish (La Parroquia). We meet every Sunday morning for public worship seeking to honour our God through faithful preaching of the Gospel for which we are thankful as we have seen fruit for our labour. The Pastoral team is responsible for the spiritual oversight of the church and we regularly preach and lead the congregation. We have a Ministerial team which works in practical areas in the church. Normally during the year we hold special discipleship courses to take care of newly converted people. These courses vary in length but they are aimed to lay foundations for Christian growth and discipleship. We have discovered over the years that effective discipleship takes place as we personally witness to others.

The church also has a strong social work for which I am responsible together with Gloria (Andrés’s wife) and Pili (Javier’s wife). For that purpose, we founded an NGO called Asociación Ekklesia Solidaria which serves as a platform to distribute food to families in precarious and difficult situations. This NGO has been operational since 2009 and has helped hundreds of families. We have a soup kitchen which serves some 100 hot meals every Tuesday. I am the treasurer of the church and have executive administrative responsibilities.

The church also has a dynamic and vibrant youth work led by Andrés Jr. There is a team that helps regularly which is committed and faithful. The Sunday school takes spiritual care of the regular 50 or so children attending every Sunday. We have also been involved in sport activities which has opened great opportunities to serve the community and reach out to the youth of our local suburb.

As a church we also host the weekly prayer meeting for the pastors serving in Valencia city. This is an enriching and nurturing time in which, as pastors, we pray for the work of the Gospel in the city and for our own ministry and families.

I have been serving the Lord also in the work of Editorial Peregrino. This publisher has produced excellent literature over the last 35 years. I am the Chairman of both the Editorial Board and Board of Directors. Matt Hill was appointed General Manager in March 2014. We continue to seek to maintain Biblical and excellent literature.

Thanks for your faithfulness in praying support. It has been now more than 22 years since we came to work in Spain. We give thanks to the Lord for his keeping care. Thanks for being there.

Eddy is married to Helen, who works as a midwife in Valencia; and they have two sons, Joel at university and Elis at a Professional Training Centre.

January 2019

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