Mark Fisher began this work in 2008, visiting schools to take assemblies.  When Mark left Heath in early 2014, to take up the Pastorate at Hanney Chapel, Oxfordshire, I took on the work in schools.  Since then, I have taken about 140 school assemblies in 20 different schools in Cardiff and neighbouring districts, in most cases being invited back each half term.  I have found the schools very welcoming and am grateful for the opportunity to bring an account from the life of Jesus or one of the Old Testament characters such as David or Daniel.  Some children are familiar with the stories, but to the majority they are new.   My approach has been to use a visual aid (old fashioned flannelgraph) to illustrate the story and to involve the children by a question and answer approach.  This is then simply applied to the lives of the children and the relevance of Jesus Christ to today’s children stressed.


The children in all the schools listen very well, and often some will thank me for the story or ask a question about what I have said.  Others simply wave to me as they leave, and some ask when I will be back.  I am very grateful for this opportunity to bring the message of the Lord Jesus to children in the city.  Thanks for the warm welcome from the staff of all the schools I visit, as well as the children.  Please pray for continued opportunities.


I am a retired teacher with nearly 40 years experience in Cardiff Schools.  If any other school, either Primary or Secondary, would like to know more about how I can help, either in assemblies, R.E lessons or any other way, please contact me through the website or email  or telephone 029 20218105.



Richard Akrill.   December 2015