Bringing the Gospel to the farming community

We started visiting isolated farms in West Wales with the Gospel in 2010. To date 750 farms have been visited with 97 revisits. We have generally been well accepted, although there will always be some with strong “anti” feelings. Our biggest hindrance continues to be people belonging to sects who sometimes are only one farm ahead of us. The need for us to make a clear declaration at the start, that we do n ot belong to them, has helped in giving us acceptance, and brought about some very worthwhile conversations – sometimes in the farmhouse kitchen, which is usually the focal point in a farmhouse.

In March, an older but still active lady, invited us into her kitchen where ¾ hour was spent discussing “who exactly are you”? “why do you visit”? “what’s wrong with just going to chapel”? “what happens at death, as nobody has come back to tell us? etc. All such questions provided an easy opportunity for opening up the Gospel message – especially when she said her mother used to challenge everybody as to whether they were born again! We shall visit her again in the future, to see how she got on with the Welsh Ultimate Questions we gave her.

Other farmers we call on often find themselves in difficult physical and practical situations. In April we met an older, retired farmer who had experienced a stroke 6 years ago, and whose wife was sitting in the next room, totally immobile and suffering badly with arthritis. As we shared the Gospel with him, and the hope a believer has of a new and perfect body one day, we felt something of the loneliness and isolation such people experience, when he told us “hardly anyone calls from the church now”. When we think of so many we meet like this, we are reminded how precious true Christian Fellowship is, with its care and concern for one another.

There are many who love to see us call; one older lady looks forward to having the church calendar each year, and was quite concerned that we might have forgotten her this time. And there are many others, (165 pages of them now) who so desperately need to hear this life-changing Gospel of peace and hope.

In the last 2 years we have spoken to people who have since died. One lady died suddenly from a heart attack. Another died of cancer, who had told us previously that her hope of salvation was faith in Christ, and what He had done. We trust it was saving faith. We don’t know. Eternity alone will tell now.

Constantly we are reminded of the fleeting nature of life and the desperate need for God to bring His saving power to bear upon all these lost souls. Please pray that God will trouble their souls to consider their eternal destiny, and that He will use either something from the conversations or the literature we leave with them (they all get a copy of Ultimate Questions), to bring them to the cross and to salvation. Pray also for pastors to be called to fill some of the hundreds of chapels in rural Wales that are now without a Gospel witness, and also for others who may pick up a burden for isolated farms in other parts of Wales.

Wyn and Angela Evans

June 2012