Valencia May-June 2019

Dear Friends,


Today another attempt to disrupt the peace in Venezuela was put in motion. I am writing about this because I am really concerned. Please, pray that the efforts to bring dialogue and concord between the government and the opposition will succeed. This story is far too long to tell; suffice it to say that our confidence is in our God, and that He will intervene to avoid unnecessarily deaths. I keep in touch with my family there, and they are well. Thanks.


On 12 April we concluded another distribution of food (3rd Phase) to a large number of families. We are pleased for this opportunity to serve our community. There is a great deal of administrative work that often goes unnoticed. Thank you for remembering me in this particular work which involves preparing material, files, social reports, making phone calls and listening to long stories, and providing reasonable and Biblical advice. In summary, I organize all the logistics. It remains an excellent witness to our care for the people suffering great needs. After so many years doing this work, we begin to see many of these families coming to our services. Pray for a lasting and effective work of grace. We had a great contribution from volunteers, and are always grateful to the Lord for such commitment. Continue to pray for wisdom, as the Asociación Ekklesia Solidaria is unable to extend the help to more families; please pray for discernment to include the people who have real needs. Just today I had to turn away a family because I am unable to include them in the list. This is not an easy option to take. We have already began the 1st phase for 2019-2020, and the new list was sent to the Red Cross last week. Those families, eventually, will receive their food parcel in July.


We have started a new strategy of gathering people of La Parroquia around the Word to share fellowship and pray together. In the past we have initiated several meetings to promote this kind of fellowship among us and have not been successful. This time we want to maximize the effort. We are studying the Book of Acts. We are meeting in homes and at the church building seeking to identify special needs and offering pastoral care. Pray with us and for us.


May 1st-3rd is time for Editorial Peregrino. We are holding the 13th Editorial Peregrino Conferences, and we have as the speaker Leonardo De Chirico from Italy. He will be speaking on the strategies in how to communicate the Gospel to a Catholic Society: Opportunities and Challenges. We have also published his book Let´s talk about Mary, The Mother of God?. As it happens, we are also celebrating the 40th Anniversary since Editorial Peregrino began. We praise the Lord for all the blessings received and the large amount of good books published all these years.

On Thursday 2nd, the Editorial Board is meeting to plan and make decisions regarding all the books scheduled for publication. We have an excellent group of men and women who have developed a keen eye for good, solid books. Pray for all of us. The following day Friday 3rd, the Board of Directors will meet to consider the whole oversight of Editorial Peregrino. Pray for Matt Hill, Luis Cano and myself as we administer all our resources and make important decisions for the functioning of the whole enterprise. Pray for wisdom.


In La Parroquia we are having special preaching services; we began a series on “Building the Church”. Pray for all of us. I am speaking on May 12th; ask for a profitable and effective word.

Brexit is still an uncertainty; pray for wisdom for the UK government. As I mentioned before, Spain and UK have reached a bilateral agreement which seems to guarantee our status as legal residents, but our confidence remains on the Lord. By now, you will know that Spain had their General Election, now it is time for negotiations as there is not an outright winner holding a majority in Parliament. Politics is a bit toxic in Spain; pray for the Church to continue to have the liberty to preach the Gospel.

Continue to remember Salvador, a member in our church who is undergoing chemotherapy; his disease is far advanced; pray for peace in his heart.

As a family we are grateful for the Lord’s faithfulness. June will be a critical time in their studies, involving exams and projects to present. Pray for a successful outcome for both Joel and Elis in their final years at University and College. Continue to remember me in my health matters. Thank you for remembering this long standing battle.

Thanks for being there.