Valencia, July – September 2020

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Valencia. This prayer update covers the summer, from July to September. We are still under the restrictions meeting as a church in our premises, hence we haven’t planned any future events. However, today 20th August, the church will meet for the first time since March 8th when we had our last Sunday Service. In spite of the new alarms of the COVID 19 reappearing in our region, we felt a huge need to meet and see each other with all the precautions recommended to us by the Health Authorities. So, tonight with a limited congregation of 50 people, we will meet to pray.

It is hard to explain in a few words how many people have been affected by this pandemic. As a church we have met online every Sunday, and have held other activities using the famous Zoom. It is only when you look at the very personal experiences that you feel the impact of this COVID19 in our lives. I have asked you in the past to pray for Salvador, who is suffering from cancer and remains isolated in his home for the elderly. He has contact with no one apart from audios sent by WhatsApp. This is the only way I talk to him; he is asking the Lord for grace to enter into his rest. Pray for him, that an entrance may be ministered unto him abundantly into the everlasting Kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Since last time I wrote, we were able to distribute food again to 148 families from 27th to 29th of July. It is a complex operation to make sure we follow correctly the protocol of maintaining safety for the volunteers and the families coming to collect the food. Suffice to say that it was a successful operation, and we see the relief in people’s faces, as they would have non-perishable food for the next few weeks. In the picture, attached to your left, even though we were a few, Helen & Elis could come to help. It was a real joy to serve in this capacity. As preparation for the next phase 2 in October/November, a new list has been prepared and sent to the Red Cross. It is hard for people to wait such a long time, but this is the way it works. Pray for wisdom and an ability to discern and help the people who truly are in need.  

Continue to pray for Editorial Peregrino; the Board of Directors decided to apply for help from the government to preserve jobs. Since July 1st, Matt Hill has been reincorporated into the work, and the rest of the workers remain under the arrangement with the government only receiving a salary with a reduction of 30%. Pray for the work, and give thanks for God’s faithfulness.

Thank you for writing and enquiring about our personal situation and also asking for the work here at La Parroquia. We are celebrating the initiative from the Spanish government to implement a mechanism that allows us to have a permanent registry of our status in Spain. I am not sure if we will be considered “European”, I gathered, that will not be the case. We used to have a similar ID card which was eliminated back in 2011. It was a typical ID card with a photograph, fingerprints and signature. Now, since the middle of July we have a new card which allow us to work and live normally in Spain.

We praise the Lord for His keeping care. Joel & Elis remain at home and doing all their courses online. In September Joel will be doing some practical work with an accounting company and Elis retakes his studies in preparation for becoming a firefighter in the special academy.  I am back at the church working normally. The picture attached to your right was taken on our 34th marriage anniversary in the middle of the famous street Santos Justo y Pastor. Thank the Lord and praise Him for His care as you pray.

Thanks for being there.