Valencia, January- February 2020


Dear Friends,


The beginning of a new decade, and people ask: what has the Lord purposed for the next ten years? Who can tell? With all the furore of a splendid new year and all the resolutions and expectations of what will happen, one can only think of old promises given by the prophets. I am reminded of Habakkuk: “Look among the nations, and see; wonder and be astounded. For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told.” (1:5).  The historical context was devastating, God was sending the fearful Chaldeans to strike out the idolatry of the heart of Israel. The destruction was appalling. In the NT, Paul in his discourse in Acts 13, quotes Habakkuk as a warning if they reject the One whom God raised from the dead; Paul said: “Let it be known to you therefore, brothers, that through this man forgiveness of sin is proclaimed to you, everyone who believes is freed from everything from which you could not be freed by the law of Moses.” (Acts 13:38-41) Beware, Paul said. God has done a mighty work in sending His Son, to be born in order to die, so that in Him forgiveness of sin could be possible. These are real expectations; hence we must preach Christ; hence forgiveness and acceptance will take place in the hearts of men and women.


We are holding a special time of prayer early morning during January; we will start on 7th and continue for the rest of the month until 31st when we will have a day of prayer. Over the years we have done this exercise of seeking the Lord together at the beginning of the year; we pray for His mercy to be extended powerfully and for a visitation of the Holy Spirit. During this time (January) we shall be preaching on Sunday a mini series based on the Kingdom of God, a phrase to summarize it: “Every single time we try to define the Kingdom of God it ends up in failure. The Kingdom of God is undefinable, it can only be narrated”. Hence, we have to live out all its principles, and it is often portrayed in the life of the community. Join us in prayer for each one of us to make an impact that is lasting.


In February we will resume our series: Real on 1 John; we have been deeply challenged to consider the kind of Christianity we are living: Is it real? There has been a great deal of encouragements, and we trust to continue growing as a church. Please pray for a special blessing in the study and delivery of the Word. Also we shall begin our meetings again each Friday: “Grups”. We want to promote fellowship and prayer, and for  many people in the congregation it has become a time of sharing and caring for one another. As mentioned before, “Grups” is a follow up from the preaching series “Real” taken from 1 John which is being preached on Sundays. It is a time for fellowship, prayer and sharing. Remember this effort in prayer.


During January 12th -19th also the Fraternity of Pastors have organized our week of prayer for all the evangelical churches in Valencia. We are looking forward to sharing together and seeking the Lord in prayer. It is a precious time, as many come together from different congregations to ask the Lord for His intervention. Particularly, in our minds it is going to be pressing to pray for a government on Spain which will put the emphasis first on people and not on the market. What a travesty for a society that is concerned in pleasing the powerful and rich, and have little thoughts for those who are weak and vulnerable in our society. As it happens, on 7th January most likely the new Spanish government will be recognized by Parliament, and if so happens, a more “progressive” government will be given the majority to govern until 2024. On the same subject, the UK has given the Conservative Party a majority in the last elections that undoubtedly will make effective the exit of the UK from Europe on 31st January. As I have stated before, the Lord is in control, and although I do remember distinctly that we ventured out into Spain as this country belonged to the EU; and it was a plus for opening a door of service. These days, it is the UK which sadly leaves the EU. Give thanks for all the opportunities we have been given, and trust that the following years will bring contentment and the Gospel will prosper here in Spain.


On January 22nd I have been invited to preach at a local Catholic Church to promote prayer. I do value these openings and believe much good is being done in sharing the Gospel. Pray for much wisdom and an anointing of God.


Last 29th December we had in our midst Felipe Rocha and his family sharing about their work in Nepal. We heard first hand how small and pioneering this work is. As a church we were challenged to consider “the other” rather than ourselves. The Lord has called us to love Him, and also likewise to love our neighbours. It is revolutionary when we focus in sharing God’s grace and blessings to others as God grants us opportunities. Please, pray for this work. It has left the church with a good sense of God’s timing in calling and equipping for service in the mission field.


Continue to pray for Enomamien whose husband is in prison. It is likely that he will be given 3rd grade and allowed to be at home during sometime each week. Remember Salvador as he continues to struggle and keeps his focus on the Lord. As a family we are grateful for the Lord’s keeping and provision. Pray for Joel & Elis. My health has been kept and so far all controls have been passed.

Thanks for being there.