Valencia, May- June 2020

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Valencia. The news gets around rather quickly these days and all the bad news of how Spain has been affected by the COVID19 is known to most people. Thank you for writing and enquiring about our personal situation and also asking after the work here at La Parroquia. This is going to be a brief letter, just to thank you for your prayers and continued support. Regarding our situation at home, as you know Helen goes out regularly to work at the Hospital. She was tested and the result was negative. We praise the Lord for His keeping care. Joel and Elis remain at home and doing all their courses online. I am working from home, but regularly too I go to La Parroquia to attend administrative work. Thank the Lord and praise Him for His care as you pray.

 Finally on 22nd to 24th of April we were able to distribute food to 144 families. I organized the logistics, conscious of the enormous needs of the people, to the point that we literally gave out all the food, and had very little food left for emergency callers. As the distribution of food was done so much later due to the restrictions of the State of Alarm, there has been an overlap, and now we have begun the logistics for the cycle 2020-2021. So next week, (12th May) the request will be sent to begin the cycle; please pray for this work. In the light of the urgent needs of people who found themselves out of a job and no income, the Church has established a strategy to attend to these families with food and other items. We praise God for the response from the Church to support this work.

All our meetings at Church have taken an online format. So we continue to meet and pray together using Zoom, in spite of the doubts regarding its safety. Also, the interaction among ourselves as pastors of the city of Valencia has been really encouraging; on 4th May I was invited to share the Word with them. We also pray regularly, these changes have given us a keen sense of depending on our Lord.

Continue to pray for Editorial Peregrino; the Board of Directors decided to apply for help from the government to preserve jobs. The government has implemented a mechanism where, without being made redundant, the worker perceives a salary from them with a reduction of 30%. So, Editorial Peregrino has been given a breathing space as there has been no sales during late March and April. Pray for a recovery. In the midst of this pandemic we were able to carry out some financial help promised to our brethren in Cuba last year; many contributed to this effort.

The government has extended the State of Alarm until 24th of May. Restrictions are being eased up. Pray for the Lord’s purposes to be carried out. The Churches are due to open with only 30% occupation. We ask for wisdom to make the right decisions as to how we will work out all these details.

Thanks for being there.