“one2two”: a Bridge to the Local Community?

The building – 122 Whitchurch Road, next door to Heath Evangelical Church, has been purchased and refurbished by the Church. The building work on “one2two” was completed early in 2011 to provide a Christian bookshop, coffee shop, meeting room and a church office.



Customers appreciate the modern, light and airy surroundings and attractive selection of drinks and snacks.  The book shop maintains an excellent stock of Bibles, reference books and recently released Christian books.


So “one2two” is used as a useful “bridge to the local community”?  Its juxtaposition has made it more obvious that the local church is not just a building open for Sunday services but a community of Christians open “24/7”.  We are thankful for the opportunity provided to have more contact with people living and working in the area, we long to share Christ with them and to see more coming under the sound of the Gospel and coming to know Christ personally as their Saviour and Lord.  We pray for sanctified imagination to use this facility well and for our triune God to glorify Himself through many unreached people being saved.