The Induction Service on 15 January reminded me of a wedding service, in the sense that it was both joyful and serious, happy and searching. In a wedding, serious promises are made and serious commitments entered into, and yet love and gladness permeate and exalt the whole into an occasion of joy. It is good, as time goes by, for us to reflect on our wedding vows as a stimulus to the diligent keeping of them. So, let us be mindful of what we entered into on the Induction day. Our Pastor will, no doubt, remember his commitments, but this is what we agreed to do:

Mr. Harrison said:

“Do you, the members of this church, acknowledge and receive Rev. Wyn Hughes as your Minister? Will you promise to labour with him in the work of the Gospel and to receive the Word of God as he faithfully proclaims it to you? Do you undertake to pray for him and responsibly to support him both spiritually and materially?
If so, will you please signify this by standing.”

And then, we all stood. God grant us grace to diligently keep our commitment.

Keith Batstone