About our live streaming and video content *

Every Sunday, our morning and evening services are now available as a ‘live stream’ to anyone who has access to the Internet.  We broadcast the whole service** including the hymn singing, reading, prayer and sermon.

To view the live stream, simply tune in on any Sunday at 10.45am or 6.00pm by clicking the Live Streaming link below.

During the current COVID-19 situation, we will also be live streaming a combined Bible study and prayer meeting every Wednesday at 7.30pm.

Once a live stream has finished, the sermon part of the service is kept on our YouTube channel, so you can watch any previously streamed sermon at your leisure.  This is good for catching up on a sermon series or if you wanted to share a sermon with a friend for example.  Our ‘catch-up’ video sermons as available on our YouTube Channel, again by clicking the link below.

Go to – Live Streaming  (Sunday 10.45 and 6.00pm, Wednesday 7.30pm)

Go to – YouTube Channel (Catch-up)

* The external video hosting service (YouTube) may contain content, advertisements and other material, including links to other videos, outside the direct control of Heath Evangelical Church. Please bear in mind when clicking on anything called ‘related videos’ as this may include content we may not necessarily recommend.  You can always return to this page as a way of linking back to our YouTube Channel to see videos from our own church services.

** Excluding any holy communion and baptism service.

Sunday School Videos and Resources

Check out our new Virtual Sunday School pages.

Questions and Answers about our Video and Streaming Services

Q – Why do you only show the minister/pulpit during hymn singing and not the congregation?
A – In order to maintain congregational privacy and confidentiality we do not show members of the congregation, which would include children and persons from other countries.  We are working on showing a static picture and explanatory text during hymn singing rather than the pulpit – this improvement will be coming soon.

Q – Why is the picture quality pixilated / poor?
A – We do stream in High Definition (HD) and you can click the little icon on the bottom of the video to change to High Definition if your Internet quality can support this.  However, the lighting in the church was designed many decades ago before streaming was invented.  As the light conditions are poor, the camera compensates for this by ‘pixilating’ the image, causing a grainy picture.  This is unavoidable but we are looking at ways of smoothing out the picture using our streaming software in due course.  The sound quality is not affected by this.

Q – Why is the colour representation on the video poor?
A – Again this is due to lighting conditions in the church, using artificial lamps.  The cameras try to ‘guess’ what the picture colour should look like and it often does not get this right.  We are currently experimenting with different colour settings and hope to make some improvement soon.

Q – Why is the on demand videos the sermon only?
A – We cut out the streamed hymn singing, prayer and announcements from previously streamed sermons to make the videos more appealing and shorter for viewers from outside the church and the world-wide audience.

Q – I have some suggestions or feedback. Who do I contact?
A – We would love to hear any suggestions, comments or feedback. Please send an email to media@heath-church.org

Q – I am interested in Audio Visual and/or streaming and would like to help.
A – The AV operations is a really good way to serve the Lord in the church and also in the world wide evangelistic opportunities it presents through the streaming service.  We always welcome volunteers and if you feel you can help in any way, please contact media@heath-church.org