On the 22nd and 23rd January (now over 2 months ago!) the young people of the church went for the annual houseparty to Hebron Hall. It was a weekend full of fun and great food, whilst also a time of spiritual refreshment and fellowship. For me personally, and I’m sure others will agree, it was a helpful break where we were able to get away from everyday life and enjoy the company of friends and getting to know some new faces. It was great to have everyone mixing together regardless of some of the age gaps – the older and younger ‘young people’ encouraging one another.

Over the course of the Friday and Saturday, we had 3 main meetings in which the Pastor preached,
supplemented by a discussion time and a question and answer session. It was good to spend time around God’s Word – taking it in, studying it and seeking to gain deeper understanding of it from others. The Pastor took his messages from 1 John 1. They were on True fellowship with God, the Signs of a Christian and Walking as a Christian in the knowledge that Christ is sufficient for all our needs. They were both an encouragement and a challenge to us. I particularly found the topic of the discussion groups challenging – Personal Holiness. It is something for us all to aspire to in our Christian
walk; but are we willing to sacrifice many of the carnal things that we love in order to seek God first and foremost in our lives? Is God our main aim/goal – knowing, living for and serving Him?

As a whole I’m sure all the young people would like to voice their thanks to those who helped to plan
and run the weekend. A particular mention must go to the cooks who served up some ‘Michelin Star’ food to young people who usually have a weekly staple diet of beans on toast!
A final thank you would be to all those who upheld the weekend in prayer, as it was a blessed and
encouraging time.

Steffan Roberts